It is our commitment to back our clients so that they feel completely supported, as we endeavor to offer them the best solutions according to their emerging needs.



Recruiting and Selecting Talent

Throughout our 14 years of experience we have developed the capacity to find the best talent for our clients, using our knowledge of the market, the rational use of technology as well as our ample web of contacts.
We base our capabilities in the knowledge of the different industries, as well as the understanding of the demands of the open position and our clients company’s profile. This knowledge enables us to identify the suitable candidate with the abilities, capacities and interests that coincide with the culture of the organization.
The strategy used to identify the candidates with the talent and our senior consultant, and our team of recruiters that guarantee certainty and a fast response time conduct the experience required by the client.

Assessment Center

The assessment center is a useful tool in identifying the development potential of the candidates for executive positions. It is based on the observation of the candidate’s performance in current work situations, and because of the accurate results, and the high degree of consciousness that it generates in the candidates, it is used for their personal development.
Our Assessment is fitted to the needs of the company and the job profile.
The abilities and skills of the candidate are identified through different techniques and observations in a strategically elaborated setting with business cases. The efficiency is diagnosed through the observation of the conduct of the candidate in real work situations.


We base our methodology on the use of tools that help us obtain the best possible information about the applying candidate. All the information is used to generate a comprehensive report composed of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. It consists of:
1) Analysis of the job profile.
2) Identification of competencies that need to be evaluated.
3) Application of psychometric tests.
4) Intake and by competences interviews.
5) The solution of business cases.
6) The elaboration of a report and a development matrix.
7) Delivery of results (client).
8) Delivery of feedback to candidate.


Consulting Team on Business Models and Alignment of Objectives

We work closely with our clients to promote the identification of business opportunities, depending on the global setting, to establish the course and generate actions according to the business’s strategies. We seek to contribute in an assertive manner:
- Alignment of mission, vision, and corporate values.
- Setting of goals for different areas and individuals.
- Performance Management: Follow up and execution control.
- 360° degree feedback to obtain the perception of internal colleagues or external clients.
We generate and implement strategies related to human capital that respond to specific requirements and needs of the client, and that translate into tangible indicators and give added value to the business.

Developing the best practices in the commercial and human resource areas

• Organizational Diagnosis.
• Structure and executive compensation.
• Strategic alignment for company and individual objectives.
• Administration of staff and organizational members.
• Innovation and implementation of commercial strategies.
• Development and training of abilities and commercial skills.
• Closing negotiation administration.
• The establishment of a post-sale follow-up plan.
• Performance evaluation and the detection of development needs.
• Design of internal and external communication programs.

Organizational diagnosis and working climate surveysa

Based on our interest of growth and improvement of organization processes we have developed Organizational Diagnoses.
The duration of the intervention will be defined based on the objectives and established goals. A profound analysis will be conducted where all the information related to the organization will be assessed.
- Market research within the organization, clients, suppliers and/or competitors.
- Review of the organization chart, position profile, and breakdown of responsibilities including job valuation.
- Commercial analysis, financial and nonfinancial goals, and finance projections.
- Communication strategies.


Staff Outsourcing

- Employee outsourcing services that provides the performance of certain activities or tasks for a company.
-Mobilization of Human Resources that will provide specific services in our clients company.
This service is provided by AvantForce, affiliated company of Grupo AvantGarde Human Capital Consultants.


Individual and Team Coaching

Through an accompaniment process we support and guide leaders to manage their own learning process, developing their abilities and improving their performance to become a better version of themselves. This process is designed for teams or individuals:
• Coaching individuals: together with the coach, specific objectives are established, offering tools to acquire a more profound knowledge of themselves, self-regulation and self-management.
• Team Coaching: We create the environment where the participants can share successful experiences. The interventions are guided by a certified coach who is an expert in facilitating the learning process curve. The potential of the work team is discovered, promoting its development and the assertiveness in their interaction.

Team Building Sessions

We develop workshops that focus on creating a better work atmosphere. The strengthening of the organizational culture of a company promotes a sense of identity and generates a commitment within the workforce to the company’s values and priorities.